These things feel awkward but I at least always take interest in other people's so I assume it's a good idea.


LIKES: not being homeless, stability, comics, drawings, music, video game playthroughs, relaxing

DISLIKES: excitement, drama, strong emotions, competition, politics, being around multiple people at the same time, movies, most activities (video games, sports, parties, etc.), drugs(including alcohol/caffeine)

FEARS: everything

I spend most of my time with whatever is needed for the survival of this flesh machine, any extra time is spent relaxing/recovering. Don't really have the necessary ability-to-recognize-people/life-situation/emotions for relationships, but devote a decent amount of real life time trying regardless. I also do various technical stuff with computers/electronics, fighting nature with gardening and powering myself with cooking. Doing quite well overall.

TLDR: I'm generally pretty boring and like it that way.