These are comics that focus on the good parts of life. Where people generally get along and live positive lives. If you are big into "good stories come from difficult conflicts and dealing with the seemingly insurmountable challenges of life" then you may want to escape now. If you want to feel good about life, especially if that involves fluffy animals, then look no further*.

*(By "look no further" I mean than this page, if you don't look further down the page you won't see the suggestions and if you stopped already you wouldn't even read this message. Plus you really SHOULD look further as there is plenty more stuff to discover than has been suggested.)


Tiny Little Life in the Woods (Hakuei to Mikochi)

Author+Artist: Kashiki Takuto
Chapters: 63 and 28 extras available online but more in print (Ongoing)

This is a wonderfully illustrated example of world building, the amount of detail put into the backgrounds and everthing else is impressive. It takes place in a world where the animals are our traditional earth sizes but the two main characters who look sort of like humans are around as small as mice. It focuses on building and cooking with random day-to-day plots of generally simple to solve but interesting problems.



High School Inari Tamamo-chan

Author+Artist: Yuuki Ray
Chapters: 96 and 3 extras (Finished)

An inari (a deity represented as fox/kitsune statues at Japanese shrines) takes human form to attend school but isn't very good at it, appearing in more a anthropomorphic fox (aka furry) form to the rest of the youth. Pretty much everyone loves them and they love everyone so regardless of Tamamo-chan not being great at being a human everyone is supportive and things turn out well. Also covers a bit of Japanese culture and history.



Cat Massage Therapy (Neko no Massageya-san)

Author+Artist: Hisakawa Haru
Chapters: 16 (Finished)

A cat who runs a cat massage parlor helps cure office worker's stress.



We Are Cats (Wareware wa neko de aru)

Author+Artist: Yuki Hiroyuki
Chapters: 68 and 2 extras (Finished?)

If a cat could talk to their owner. 4koma (4 horizontal panels style) web comic.



Imouto wa Neko

Author+Artist: Senko
Chapters: 3 and 3 extras (Finished?)

A human who's family is cats including their baby sister, this is all very normal in this setting. Very short and cute read.



Monsters Can't Clean (Mamonotachi wa Katazuke Rarenai)

Author+Artist: Takano Yuuya
Chapters: 25 and 1 extra (Finished)

This might not be a good feel comic for everyone, namely those who are adverse to cleaning. I like cleaning a lot so I consider this lighthearted adventure comic double good.